In NHS and private hospitals, every more cardiology departments are enhancing their diagnostic capabilities by combining ECG with oxygen uptake analysis. With more comprehensive cardio pulmonary stress tests, clinicians are able to make diagnoses faster and with greater confidence.

Our range includes complete, integrated systems that combine state-of-the art ECG and gas analysis, as well as units which add gas analysis to your existing ECGs.

Recommended products for cardiology:


The Ultima CardiO2 is the most comprehensive stress testing system on the market today. It combines the powerful BREEZESUITE® GasExchange Software and Mortara X-Scribe ECG in a single, seamless application.

Ergoselect 200

The Ergoselect 200 is particularly suited to older patients or those with walking disabilities, thanks to the unique, easy-ascend electrically adjusted seat. Once the patient has got on to the ergometer, the seat can be raised up to the optimal exercise position.


The Corival Ergometer is specifically designed for cardiopulmonary exercise stress testing and rehabilitation. Its low step-through height provides easy access for all individuals.

Treadmill Ergometers

Our treadmills are smooth, quiet and reliable, with designs focused on the absolute safety and comfort of the patient. They are self-calibrating and virtually maintenance free.

Corival Supine

The Corival Supine is perfectly suitable to use for ergometry. You can use it for examinations as well, as the ergometer unit can be easily stowed away beneath the bench.

Angio with Echo Cardiac Stress Table

Exercise Table for Echo-cardiology, with electrical adjustable slope (transversal, 45º) for an optimal position of the heart in echo research. A part-removable back support provides for a better view of the heart.

Workflow and Networking

A complete workflow system that combines healthcare industry standards and best clinical practices with flexibility and support. Our workflow options are user-friendly and customisable, making it easy for your facility to build powerful data-management solutions to meet your diagnostic needs. The result? You deliver the best care to your patient.
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