Ergoselect 200

The Ergoselect 200 is particularly suited to older patients or those with walking disabilities, thanks to the unique, easy-ascend electrically adjusted seat. Once the patient has got on to the ergometer, the seat can be raised up to the optimal exercise position.


The Corival Ergometer is specifically designed for cardiopulmonary exercise stress testing and rehabilitation. Its low step-through height provides easy access for all individuals.

Angio Arm

The workload range of this ergometer is 7 to 1000 Watts, making it possible to use in various settings and applications. The Angio is equipped with both analogue and digital interfaces. The modern and stable design has been implemented in both the ergometer and its accessories.


Designed for obese and elderly test subjects as well as those in rehabilitation. Supports test subjects up to 250 kg. A workload range of 7-1000 Watts makes this ergometer suitable for various applications.

Ergoselect 100

The entry level model in a series of modular ergometers. As your requirements change over time, you can add modules to expand the capabilities of your Ergoselect equipment.

Ergoselect 1000

These reclining ergometers offer a high degree of reliability and safety for patients with suspected disorders of cardiovascular function. They are also well suited to older and disabled individuals, as well as for exercise ergometry after myocardial infarction or bypass operation.

Excalibur Sport

The Excalibur Sport is ideal for both aerobic and anaerobic training and testing. Designed for stability during extreme exercise, it is speed independent up to 180 RPM with a constant workload up to 1300 Watts and up to 2000 Watts during Wingate testing. Includes Wingate anaerobic power testing software.

Treadmill Ergometers

Our treadmills are smooth, quiet and reliable, with designs focused on the absolute safety and comfort of the patient. They are self-calibrating and virtually maintenance free.

Corival Supine

The Corival Supine is perfectly suitable to use for ergometry. You can use it for examinations as well, as the ergometer unit can be easily stowed away beneath the bench.
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